What is reddit.re?

Reddit.re is a toolkit of essential modtools every subreddit moderator can't live without

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What is it?

The open modlog is an easily set up tool provided here at reddit.re, It allows moderators to open up their activities to the community.

Why should I use it?

It allows for transparency towards your community, People will know who banned who, Who removed what post, etc.
It can be quite useful.

How does it work?

You simply provide the subreddit it needs to log and the subreddit it'll post all of the recent modlog entries into.

Warning Make sure that the bot (PublicModlog) is moderator in the subreddit it's going to log and in the subreddit it's going to post.

Get started!

Create your own public modlog!


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How can I remove a bot after creation?
You can log in with your reddit.re account to remove the bot

How can I modify a bot after creation?
You can only change some small settings. Once created you can't change any settings such as subreddits, username etc.
You can remove the bot and then recreate it.

I created one, but it doesn't show up in the destination subreddit yet!
Public Modlog runs every 5 minutes, It has probably already posted something while you were looking for this message ;)